What is Micro-Broadcasting for Local Radio?

What we call “Micro-Broadcasting” is broadcasting with power levels significantly lower than traditional broadcasters. This is called “Part-15” broadcast stations. While the coverage of each micro-broadcast station location does not have a large coverage area, they are inexpensive, and we can have multiple locations in an area.

Between using the “Part-15” micro-broadcasting method on both the AM band and FM band, we can achieve significant coverage in local areas using our Word of Faith Radio programming!

While the FCC runs a “command-and-control” licensing system for broadcasting, “Part-15” is an exception. The FCC lets anyone transmit on the broadcast bands, as long as they follow a certain set of guidelines (which are what referred to as “Part-15″). You can broadcast legally in FM and AM without a license, if you follow some exacting standards. These ‘micro-transmitters” can then be used to reach a limited area, but which can be “repeated” to cover a larger area (think of cell phone towers, which have a short range from tower-to-tower, but “overlap” signals for better coverage.) This leaves room for new local broadcasters to emerge, and gives believers a chance to reach the world via this very low power radio!

Our Vision for Micro-Broadcasting

Our goal is to establish a large number of local Low Power AM and FM stations in cities throughout the nation, and around the world, manned by like minded believers with a vision to reach their areas with the Good News Gospel of the Word of Faith! If you would like to become a partner with WOFR and help us set up Low Power stations around the country, broadcasting our WOFR.org programming, contact Harold Cagle, our President, at harold@wofr.org.

Outside the United States, even stronger transmitters can be used, so that one station could cover a very large area!

All AM station locations will be installed by WOFR personnel, if YOUR ministry, or church, is willing to finance this program in your area! We will set up both an AM and an FM station in your location, to simulcast the WOFR programming in both frequencies and set up the equipment to the correct technical specifications. Once installed, this system will be maintenance free, and will not require supervision on your part, or any on-going cost!